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'In 2023, Stay Up Forever historically reach their 30th anniversary. We want to celebrate this landmark with an exhibition in London.'

During the last thirty years, a creation of music, ideas, philosophy, art, vinyl and live events have caused an eruption of subversive ideas globally.  A triumph of musical substance and belief over commercialism and profit.  Inspired by the raw sonic power of Roland's TB-303, this network of D.I.Y. defiance has thrived not just in London, but across the U.K. and to the furthest corners of the planet.





Rebel Union conceived the ‘London Acid City’ project 13 years ago, as I thought it would be a great idea to create an art exhibition to celebrate our subculture. Original thoughts were that it could coincide with the SUF 20th Anniversary event at The Sidings, but we were seriously unprepared at that point. We tried to coordinate the show for the 25th Anniversary at The Steelyard, but due to lack of funding and not having a full team in place, that date passed also.

So the last 5 years have been taken up with serious planning to make things happen. Joe Giacomet came on-board as Art Director, as he’d already created some amazing photographic content that we wanted to include in the show, plus his art background alongside his history with the North Wales techno scene (and the label More Punk Than Funk), made him the obvious choice. Tracy Dormer, who has massive connections with Club 414, came on-board as Project Manager in the last 6 months to help whip things into shape, then Hannah Bartick joined us in the last 3 months as Staff Manager to help with the numerous amounts of crew who were offering their services. Completing the team were Barbara Wattiez as Merchandise Manager, Aaron Northmore as Designer & Lilli Basham to help with Archiving & Assistant duties. Stéphane Sadoux and Quentin Johns provided funding advice to begin with, while the Liberators obviously helped guide us in the right direction.

With over 40 art contributors, 19 panellists, 15 Microsquat DJ’s, 34 crew and the entire FOLD team on-board, it was a serious undertaking. Artwork, documentary screenings, discussions, character actors, immersive audio, immersive areas, equipment demonstrations, the list goes on and on… I still can’t believe how we managed to fit all the work into that building. We had around 20 hours to build the exhibition over two days and 4 hours to strip it all out again before the party on Friday night, so everyone worked to the absolute peak of their abilities to make it happen.

The last 3 months have been intense, the last 3 weeks I’ve barely slept trying to get everything finished and during this time the production team have been absolutely unbelievable, giving up their own lives working equally insane hours to complete the all-consuming amount of work it took to make this happen. I’ve got so much respect for them and everyone who came on-board to help realise this dream.

We all worked for free as the project was non-profit, but massive thank you to everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter to help get us started on this journey! There was a five-figure shortfall in our finances to complete the build, as exhibitions are extremely expensive to run, so we will be looking at further funding options soon to help with this.
The quality of contributions to the exhibition was insane and undoubtedly showed the value of talent connected to our scene. Thank you to all the amazing individuals who gave up their time to be part of the project - it was such an honour to work with each and every one of you.

Then there was the 3:03 23 party to crown the end of the week… I haven’t witnessed such jubilation and pure energy off a crowd for a long time! 33 DJ’s over 3 rooms for 12 hours - it was totally unbelievable. Faces from the entire 30 year history of SUF were present and the love in the building was palpable. Plus all the artists from around the planet who united in London for this special occasion, respect. Not forgetting the FOLD staff, who from the front to the back of the venue were magnificent as always, truly deserving the title of one of the best clubs in the world.

The main thing about the whole week of events was you - we couldn’t do it without you. The scene has always been about collectivity and it truly felt like the worldwide acid techno community came together over the last week. Inspired by Aaron Liberator, Chris Liberator & Julian Liberator’s concept of the Stay Up Forever label, we all united as part of an underground movement that touched every corner of the planet and became a subculture in its own right over the last three decades.

The strength and bond feels never-ending, so here’s to another 30 years - our time will always be now x

Sterling Moss - Exhibition Director & Curator
Joe Giacomet - Art Director
Tracy Dormer - Project Manager
Hannah Bartick - Staff Manager
Barbara Wattiez - Merchandise Manager
Aaron Northmore - Designer
Lilli Basham - Archiving / Assistant

303 Photo, Aaron Sutton, Aaron Trinder, ADAM Audio, Adrian Fisk, Alan Lodge, Amin Access All Areas, Analog_This, Andy Preston, Barbara Wattiez, Bobbie Greenish, Club 414, Dan Fraser, Debbie Bragg, DDR, Dorothy, Giles Moberly, Giles Walker, James Kinetec, Jim Wilson, Jimmy Cauty, Jerome Hill, Joe Giacomet, Karolina Krasuska, Lucy Sutton, Mike Neufeld, Miro HardParty, Molly Macindoe, Mr Wreckage International., Nate Harrison, Nick Frost, Rachel Zatz, Roland Synthesisers, Sidney Seymour, Stay Up Forever, Steven Boardman, Symon Potter, The Exhibitionists, Theo Goble, Zebedee.


Aala, Aaron Liberator, Adrian Fisk, Aga „Dusha” Górka, A.P., Bad Boy Pete, Beamish, Billy Nasty, Carin Lobestir, Carl Loben, Chicago Loop, Chris Liberator, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Destro, Choci, Colin Dale, Coost Full On, Crystal Distortion, Darc Marc, David Oblivion, Dax J, DDR, Dica, Fatboy Slim, Geezer, Gizelle, Indica, Isa Alkaline, Jack Wax, Jeff23, Jenny Hattersley Clarke, JP Malfaiteurs, John Truelove, Julian Liberator, K.N, Koko Acid Lab, Kris Needs, Lawrie Immersion, Lethal One, Lenny D, Liz Jaynes, Luke Mitchell, Mark EG, Mara Bruiser, Mark Sinclair, Mayeul, Mickey Meltdown, Michael Dog, Miro Hard Party, Miss Djax, OddO, Patrick DSP, Paul Harding, Perc, Product 19, Rats On Acid, Steve Bedlam, Stevie K, Tasha Killer Pussies, Tassid, Tiago Santos, Tik-Tok Taylor, Tony D, Tony & Louise 414, Tufty Public Nuisance, Vic Zee, Woody McBride, Zebedee.


Aaron Liberator, Aaron Trinder, Adrian Fisk, Āliyah Husna, Anu Shukla, Chris Liberator, Darc Marc, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, DDR, Geezer, Gizelle Austin, Julian Liberator, Lasha Jorjoliani, Mark EG, Molly Macindoe, Patrick DSP, Samantha Togni, Steve Bedlam, Tee Craven.

Acid Army, Anita, Bad Boy Pete, B.S.E., Eyezak, Jerome Hill, Kim Cosmik, Mass Ive, Mark EG, Matthieu F, Michaela, Miss Monument, Product 19, Tchie, Zebedee.

3:03 23 DJ’S
Aaron Liberator, Acid Steve, A.P., Benji303, Biri, Chicago Loop, Chris Liberator, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Darc Marc, DDR, Eddie Santini, Geezer, Geraldine, Gizelle, Illegal Swede Isa Alkaline, James Kinetec, Julian Liberator, Koko Acid Lab, Lethal One, Mainliner, Mara Bruiser, Miro Hard Party, Miss Monument, Smay, Sterling Moss, Syber Symon, Tassid, Thermobee, Tiago Santos, Xisto, Zoe Pounder.

April Jenica, Chris T, Dan Fraser, Dave Buttons, David Ahlund, DDR, Eddie Santini, Fab Goualin, Illegal Swede, Isaac Bavington, Jem, Jim Lean, Joe Siren, John Bromage, Joseph Henry-Walker, Juan Tudela, Jules Henry, Katarzyna Darula, Kenny Mulligan, Lee Manik, Louise Lane, Mare Marinelli, Mark Kelly, Marlene Gomez, Matt Washall, Matt Webb, Matthieu F, Philipe Paumelle, Rosie Strickland, Ryiad, Stéphane Sadoux, Thierry Dellys, Tiago Santos, Tom Green, Tracy Orchard.

Lasha Jorjoliani, Mihai Bumbu, James Newmarch, Tee Craven, Martin IG, Ryan Ashworth, David Conde, Karolina Emily Magnusson-Murray, Annie Dermawan.

Over 400 generous contributors.
Photo by Born In Dust: ‘Where’s the party at?’ as displayed at London Acid City, 66 Austin FX4 Black Cab and a Royal Enfield Motorcycle frame (2023) by Mutoid Waste’s Alex Wreckage and Sidney Seymour.


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