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Tickets for the 'London Acid City : 30 Years Of Staying Up Forever' art exhibition now available!!!

Rebel Union will present this historic retrospective from 1st-3rd March 2023 at FOLD, plus we will also be screening a documentary and holding panel discussions on the evenings of 1st & 2nd March.

Although entry is free*, we have decided to release tickets at staggered times, with entry every half an hour throughout exhibition hours, to maintain crowd flow during the event.

Evening tickets on Wed 1st & Thurs 2nd March, will include an hour’s exhibition from 7-8pm, then evening activities from 8pm-11pm


*Please note it is a +21 event.
Due to club lic
ensing laws, photo ID is mandatory even for the day time events.




Wednesday 01/03/2023

2pm - 7pm:    Exhibition Daytime Entry

7pm - 8pm:    Exhibition Evening Entry

8pm - 10pm: ‘Free Party: A Folk History’ (Trinder Films) special work in progress preview.

10pm - 11pm: Free Party Q&A including director Aaron Trinder, Molly Macindoe, Adrian Fisk & Steve Bedlam.


Thursday 02/03/2023

2pm - 7pm:   Exhibition Daytime Entry

7pm - 8pm:   Exhibition Evening Entry

8pm - 9pm: Diversity & Inclusivity: Voicedrone, Gizelle, Samantha Togni & Teecra. Hosted by Fold.

9pm - 10pm: Music Production: DDR, Geezer, Darc Marc, Patrick DSP with Q&A

Hosted by D.A.V.E. The Drummer.

10pm - 11pm: The Liberator DJs, Chris, Aaron & Julian.

Hosted by Mark EG.

Friday 03/03/2023


12pm - 6pm: Exhibition Daytime Entry only

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